Can’t win for losing when dealing with hypocrites

For months the Repiglicans have said Obama doesn’t have street cred because he hasn’t been abroad much.  (Note: funny how this never bothered them with their man Bushie.  He didn’t even take his first trip abroad until after he was elected, and didn’t seem to know at first that Africa is a continent and not a country.)  You’ll recall McCain kept poking Barry in the ribs because it had been two whole years since he’d visited Iraq.  Now, after Obama’s gone and triumphed, hitting it off with Afghan leaders, Iraqi leaders, and European leaders, and making George Bush and the Repiglicans look like the isolationist fascists they are, the neocon-men are saying “Why isn’t he campaigning at home?  Why is he Europe’s friend?  Who’s president is he, anyway?

In short, it’s the usual, “Is he a real ‘Murikan?”  Which is about all that fearful, venom-spewing neo-cons can ever manage when they’re outmaneuvered on anything.  (No wonder Coulter and the rest of the undead venerate Joe McCarthy so much—they’ve been stealing from his playbook for 50 years.)

Of course, if Bush, whose personal best abroad has been pumping his fist while bragging he’s the world’s biggest polluter and groping Angela Merkel, had ever had such a spectacularly successful trip, do you think these spiteful America-hating, power-loving hypocrites of the Right would be saying anything like this?

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