Why drilling is the solution only America-hating Repiglicans love…

While President Dummy, the oil companies and Repuglicans call for expanded offshore drilling to address America’s energy crisis, the Repugs don’t mention that oil companies aren’t drilling in millions of acres of federal lands already open to oil exploration.

Why the omission, do you think?  Funny, haven’t heard Rush or Ann or Hannity talking about it either.

“As I write this, there are 68 million acres of publicly leased lands available for drilling that are not being drilled,” Rep. Nancy Boyda, said in an e-mail letter. Boyda calls it “Big Oil’s dirty little secret.”

Companies don’t have the equipment necessary to do more drilling, she says, and new rigs for off-shore exploration won’t be available for years.  Expecting relief from the pump were you?

Remember how many experts “knew” the Iraq war was going to supply us with oil and “pay for itself”?  Remember the lawmakers who said that?  In case you don’t, I’ve thoughtfully put a picture of one of the most well-known below.  (You can be forgiven for not remembering; he hasn’t said it in a long while.)


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