My friends, my friends, John McCain is losing his marbles…

He’s gonna make a fucking fun commander-in-chief if the masses are stupid enough to give him the job. Yesterday the senile—I mean senator from Arizona compared Barrie Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, despite the fact that Obie has never been seen with a toy dog and a pink purse. Today he’s given his Democratic rival a big promotion: he has equated him with God!

Wow, I can just imagine the response from the Obama camp: Gee, thanks, err, ya wanna come over and do PR for us?

Here’s a link to an article about McCain’s latest rants. It makes for pretty funny reading, so don’t have any food in your mouth.

The former Vietnam gook-hater actually produced a video that portrays Obama as God, mocks religion in general, and shows, in case you’re too stupid to realize it, that McCain is not playing with a full deck.

He’s lost some of his marbles. His choo-choo’s gone chugging around the bend. He hasn’t checked in with his answering service in a while. His porch light’s gone out. He’s been sleepwalking without his hard hat. Somewhere in Arizona there’s a village that’s missing its idiot.

People have wondered for years if perhaps there should be a basic IQ requirement for presidential candidates. I propose something far more fundamental: how about a basic sanity requirement. (“I’m sorry, Ms. Coulter, we’re going to have to suspend your campaign…”)

You’d think Mac would go after some real substantive issues, such as how Obama is now at least somewhat flip-flopping on the offshore oil-drilling issue. Or at least a flip-flop is how McCain could characterize it. Sure he does it too more often than his wife pops prescription pills, but since when are political ads interested in the truth? Sticking to substantive issues, and oil-drilling is definitely as substantive as you can get, would be a smart idea worthy of producing a video. Doing a mock-Messiah ad, however, isn’t. It’s apparently even pissing off a lot of religious people, a lot of Republicans, a lot of conservatives…in other words, the very people Mickey J wants to appeal to.

Obama replied to McCain’s bizarre series of rants the last few days this way:

“They know their [Republican] ideas are used up. That is why they are spending all their time talking about me. And that is why they are spending all their time trying to convince you that I am a risky choice. But the real risk is doing the same thing.”

This is not a thinly-disguised endorsement for Obama. But judging by this and some other recent replies to McCain & Co’s idiotic criticism, I will say Obie knows how to deal with kooks, nutballs, and irrational types well. Which means he may be better at handling the “war” on terror and all the crazies this involves than we’re giving him credit for. After all, if you can handle John McCain, you can handle anybody. (Amazingly, according to recent polls, most people still think McCain and the Repugs in general would be better at foreign policy. Yeah, they’ve done a great job the last eight years, haven’t they?)

If this is the best McCain and his campaign can come up with, it will be amusing to sit back and watch the crack-up between now and election day. The frightening thing is, the two candidates are tied in polls right now, and there an extremely good liklihood this loose cannon will be our next president. The man who holds the nuclear football. The man who gets to make the decisions in The Situation Room. Seriously, God help us all.


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