Black is white, night is day, freedom is slavery, Republicans are con artists

One of those is true.

This party amazes me. The only thing stupider are the people who believe them. But Americans are stupid and poorly-educated, while thinking they are actually smart. How big is the discrepancy? Read here. And here. And here.

The Repugs have told us they were about balanced budgets and smaller government. Since Reagan they’ve said this. Their governments and budget get only bigger.

They “love their country” while helping big business leaders take it to private islands one suitcase at a time.

They’re pro-military who all managed to get military deferments during the 60s.

The Repugs have told us they are the party that loves freedom. So they pass laws that spy on domestic citizens and holds people without trial or access to lawyers, on mere hearsay. The few cases that have been forced to trial have resulted in acquittals or minor sentences.  They spy on what people read in libraries or what books they bring on airplanes.

Bush the First told us he as the “Education President” as he slashed billions in student loans. Bush the Second told us he wanted peace as he fixed evidence to wage war.

Bush the Second said after the 9/11 attacks that Osama was his highest priority.  Then he went after Iraq, and said he didn’t really know where Osama was and didn’t care to look for him anymore.

The Repugs tell us they’re the party of religion as they get caught with their pants down. Sure the Dems unzip their fly too, but they don’t preach sanctimoniously as they do so.

The latest bout of hypocrisy comes, my friends, from John McCain. He tells us he wants to rid us of our dependence on oil. How? By drilling for more.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Junkie, I’m going to have to get you to kick your heroine habit. So here’s more, cheaper heroine.” And the idiots that make up this nation are, by and large, cottoning to this idea.

Not developing alternatives to get us off oil completely. No, drill drill drill! “But alternatives will take a long time!” So what the fuck are we waiting for then, the tap to run completely dry? And drilling off our coasts will also take about ten years to dent the price of oil. Even the Bu$h administration reluctantly has admitted that.

Now, I’m disappointed in Obama’s latest turn on energy too. But McCain is just unbelievable in his hypocritical stance. This is the guy who’s now for drilling, a “gas tax holiday” and decreasing the national reserve—all things he was, rightly, against before, when he wasn’t running for president.

So what does he call his bus? The StraightTalk Express.

He’s probably for education and small gov’ment too. Uh-huh. Sure. Watch how much government shrinks with Johnny Mac in there. One thing I do believe about him: when he says he’s the new incarnation of Reagan. Old, stupid, and addicted to big government and big business. Come on, you junkie Repuglicans. You can kick your habit if you try.


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