Oh, frigging KNOCK IT OFF already!


Hillary! Bill! Back to your seats now! Sit with your hands folded in your laps. No milk and cookies, and you have to stay behind at recess and clean up after the other children.

Listen, kids, it’s over. Hillary lost! More importantly, the Golden Couple isn’t the star of the Democratic Party anymore. Elvis and Priscilla have left the building. Deal with it, everyone.

Henry James said that actions shed light on characters. He was speaking of his theory of the novel, but it holds true for the Clintons too. Now we see why they really wanted to get into “public service.” They love the spotlight. They’re attention whores. They need millions worshipping them to feel validated and important: screw the needs of party and country, they’re part of the meeee generation, as appear to be so many of their rabid followers. Now that the new kid in town is sweeping the party, the Couple from Hope can’t stand it. They’re pissed that it’s not all about them anymore.

Now we read Hillary is planning some sort of “Greek Drama” at the Demo Convention. Just what does she hope to accomplish by this? Is she really going to try a last-minute nomination attempt, one that could divide the party fatally and hand the White House house keys over to John McKook in November? Better to take the ship down with you than let someone else steer her?

Not that I think this is truly likely to happen. But I have a gnawing sense that this is what she would like to make happen, if she could. At a private fund-raiser in California last week she talked vaguely of a “strategy” for Denver and left the door open for what would be an extremely close roll-call vote on the third night of the convention. “I’m trying to avoid people walking away unhappy,” she said, “because I know from just what I’m hearing, that there’s incredible pent-up desire, and I think that people want to feel like, ‘OK, it’s a catharsis, we’re here, we did it…”

WTF? It’s over, bitch. Oh-vuur. Stop making an ass of yourself. Pack up your pantsuits and go home! Or go back to D.C., which is the only place people have sent you. And all you “Hillary supporters” who say you’re going to vote for McKook because your gal didn’t win, you threaten to opt for the poison-pill defense. You didn’t get your way so you’re going to take everyone down with you.

Hillary apologists say Obama and his camp didn’t do enough to acknowledge the significance of Hillary’s achievement, that he didn’t move quickly enough to mend fences with her, that he hasn’t “reached out” enough to her supporters. What utter bull. They never define exactly what they would have liked to see, and whenever Obama does say or do something in her favor, her fanatics carp that it’s “not enough.” What they mean is he didn’t get down on his hands and knees and lick her shiny stiletto thigh-high boots.

Maybe it’s sadly true: maybe women aren’t emotionally-mature enough to be president. So far the die-hards in the Billary camp have not impressed me.  The two comments that came in shortly after this post, both apparently from women, just show the maturity-level of Hillary die-hards.  And probably of Hillary herself.



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