Republicans are so much better when it comes to foreign policy…

…And other myths.

Forget Iraq and Afghanistan. (Ann Coulter says both are going “swimmingly” anyway). Looks like GW and the neocons have fucked up in Georgia too. They didn’t see it coming (They’re supposed to be foreign policy geniuses, remember? Jimmy Carter got hung out to dry because he didn’t see Iran coming in 1979), just like they didn’t see 9/11 and the prolonged war in Iraq. Remember, we currently have a president who heard the voice of God telling him to invade Iraq and managed to “understand” Vladimir Putin’s intentions by peering into his soul. As Richard Perle, a man I’m no great fan of but in this case is absolutely correct, said:

Now President Bush will understand the Hapless Jimmy Carter when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan at Christmas, 1979 and the scales (remember the ‘inordinate fear of communism?’) fell from his eyes. Bush and his expert Condi Rice have misunderstood Putin from the beginning and built an American policy towards Russia on a ludicrous look into Putin’s soul.

Imagine the fun Ann Coulter and all the Fox News neonuts would be having if a Bill Clinton or a Barack Obama said they heard voices dictating foreign policy to them.

By the way, remember Ronald Reagan and the astrologer? That alone should have shown people Republican “expertise” is akin to the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.  Yeah, Republicans are judged more able in world affairs. Just like they’re better for the stock market, as everyone knows, right? Right?

It sucks when the truth refuses to cooperate.

But few people let reality get in the way of perceptions. Democrats are tax and spend, and markets collapse under them. They don’t know foreign policy. Republicans are strong abroad, know how the world works, and are good for business. Except…the historical record indicates that none of this is true. Reminds me of how doctors bled people for years and claimed it worked, even though the patients nearly always died. Doesn’t matter: had Fox News been around then, I’m sure they would have touted bleeding. It makes perfect sense, since they are leeches.


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