Russia is “paying the price” for Georgia, yessir…

The ugly, sniveling face of Bush Propaganda Minister Condoleezza Pimp-My-Chevron-Tanker Rice was on all the TV talk shows this weekend doing what the Bush administration does best: trying to make its version of fantasy reality by repeating bullshit over and over and over. With everything from WMDs to Swift Boat Vets, this tactic has worked before. I wonder if it will hold this time.

She was at pains to stress, repeatedly, that Russia was “already paying the price” for its actions in Georgia and that it was in sad shape after what it had done.

Russia’s reputation is now in tatters, she assured her interviewers. Tatters!

That’s tellin’ ’em, bitch. You and Georgie-Porgie have the situation under control, don’t you?

Yes, Russia is already paying the price, feeling the heat, buckling under the strain. “I want to be perfectly clear,” said Rice over and over, sounding like another Republican slimebag who uttered that phrase when he was up to his pointy nose in lies three decades ago. Russia is paying the price, feeling the heat. Sweating bullets. That’s why they’re pulling out so fast.

As usual with this corrupted, morally-twisted administration, if you want the truth you have literally to turn the words inside-out. It’s our reputation that’s in tatters, because Bush is the tarot-card idiot who judged Putin’s morals by “looking into his soul,” and really screwed up badly in the process. Meantime we have expended all our military might on two losing fronts, one of which was completely unnecessary and nothing more than a personal vendetta and an attempt by small men with big hats to swing their dicks around, and because we are the last nation on earth that can take the moral high ground when it comes to invading another sovereign country unprovoked. Privately, much of the rest of the world is telling us to fuck ourselves right now. The ones that haven’t rolled over, at least.

It’s really tough when the biggest liars and hypocrites in history tell other countries how to behave.

Rice also said this is not “1968 Czechoslovakia.” Russia could have very well said that Iraq was not 1968 Vietnam, but it took a pass. They tend not to tell us how to manage our affairs.

Am I ever not defending their reprehensible move into Georgia. But our own even more reprehensible behavior in other countries has left us with no moral cards to play. And no force to respond with. Against Iraq, in a staged showdown concocted for the benefit of Fox, MSNBC, CNN and reelection, we look strong. But in a real foreign crisis, such as here or North Korea, we look afraid, because in truth we are. “These colors don’t run,” is a bumper sticker I used to see everywhere (not anymore, funny about that). Well, time to stand up to what we say we believe in. What are our options? We don’t have much more than a Secrewhorey of State with a microphone and access to all the TV news shows as our weapon to respond to Russia’s aggression.

Oh, and of course Israel is involved in this, even if Brian Williams, Katie Couric and all those other news cuties won’t tell you about it. They’re funneling weapons and know-how that we in turn funneled to them, so this is basically a war between the U.S. and Russia, much like the 60s cold war all over again. See, those Republicans, who may suck at managing social programs and domestic policy but are self-proclaimed geniuses on the foreign relations front, didn’t see this coming. Oh, and it gets better: As with many foreign policy issues, this one highlighted a continuing fight within the administration. Vice President Beelzebub pushed to sell Georgia more arms, including Stinger antiaircraft missiles. To the Russians, however, this was very similar to when they were stuffing warheads 90 miles off the U.S. coast in the early 60s and we told them to knock it off, so they reacted to our move in a very disagreeable manner as well. And we are shocked, shocked, shocked. (Sidebar: Has “Dickhead” Cheney done anything right since he’s been in office? The man’s an even bigger fuck than Bush, and more dangerous, since he’s really the one in control.)

That’s why we have to keep the country strong and continue to vote GOP in the fall. They understand foreign policy. Okay, class, let’s repeat that myth over and over again…

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