The land of freedom (just keep your hands up)

Police state. It’s odd when you meet foreigners to admit that you live in one when your country is always puffing its chest about how it’s the freest nation on earth. Actually compared to most countries not Third-World we have relatively few personal freedoms, but since only 20 percent of Americans even own passports, let alone use them, most have no frigging idea what’s going on in other countries, unless cable TV news tells them, which it rarely does beyond headlines and soundbites.

And it appears necessary, because the country that values nothing more than the pursuit of material objects does not bother to teach its children morals or values or judgment. The only lesson: get yours. The only goal: to die with more beans than the other guy. Sure we love values—the kind we can buy or hang on the review mirror of our car or paste on the back bumper or wear around our necks. Did you see that ghetto kid robbing the store who had the peace medallion around his tattooed neck? Or was it a Mercedes logo?

Funny how other countries, so inferior to us in so many ways, under awful socialistic societies where the sick supposedly can’t get access to a doctor and no one has disposable income because they’re all paying into the till, do not have this crime problem. They do not have bands roaming the streets in England, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, or about fifteen other countries I could name. They do not have a populace afraid to walk the streets after dark, or shootings that are so common that local TV news doesn’t even bother to report on them anymore because it lacks the satellite trucks to cover all of them. In Europe I roam any night past midnight, not fearing for my safety. In Europe they have television shows similar to Cops, but their officers investigate relatively small violations most of the time—license plate expirations, immigration papers not in order, two-bit streetwalkers. Europeans have this odd believe that in a free society, you should be able to walk around at night. See, dummy, that’s what freedom is, not a decal of a flag on a car.

Read this article from the UK Independent to see how insane they think our life is over here, and why although we seem to think The American Way is the Greatest In The World, the one every other country is striving to emulate, most people in other industrialized, socialist (gasp!) countries respectfully would rather see things stay the way they are. They are happier, safer, richer, healthier and more content. Oh, and when you’re finished that, you might want to check out this essay from a few years back that ran in The New Yorker.

Tell me exactly why they’d all want to adopt our ways? Aside from Mexicans and other denizens from Central America, the reality is nobody is climbing over our borders to get in. Immigrants to European countries have a considerably higher per-capita income and education level. (You have to to get in.) That’s where the brains are going. America ain’t the shining beacon anymore. Wake up, dummies.


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