Discrimination is alive and well in the United States.  Oh, not the kind you probably think. It’s not whites prejudiced against blacks.  Or whites prejudiced against anyone, although that’s the only kind of discrimination you hear about in the varnished media.  But more than anything, this presidential race has shown me that many women are frankly childish sexists filled with rage against the machine, or at least any machine with a Y chromosome.

while white males get accused of all the racism and sexism in society, I see little evidence of it in real life, and I’m neither white nor a male.  Imagine the wrath that would befall them if Hillary secured the nomination and they kept harping on the fact that a white male didn’t get picked.  Or if they balked that a BLACK man had won.  But the myth persists that white males are the primary racists and sexists in the world.

Hillary’s nutjob supporters are as close to a cult as you can get.  They are not enamored with her because her platform is radically different from Obama’s, because it’s not.  The fact that 25 percent or more of them say they will vote for McCain proves they aren’t the slightest bit interested in her “ideas.”  They are in love with her because she’s a woman, period.

When asked about their gripes of the Obama camp, they say they wanted Barack to acknowledge her historical candidacy.  He’s done this, repeatedly.  Then they said they are angry because he apparently did not seriously consider her for the VP slot.

Excuse me, he’s allowed to consider and pick whomever he wants.  Would they be so angry if she’d won and didn’t seriously consider him?  Doubtful—they’d just call it sour grapes.

One Clintonista was asked today what she wanted to hear from Hillary.  She replied, voice choking, “I want to hear she’s okay.”  Jesus Chirst, she didn’t survive a plane crash, a hostage ordeal or cancer.  She lost a fucking CONTEST, one she mismanaged badly from the beginning.  Who gives a rat’s ass if she’s okay anymore than if Kucinich, Edwards, Paul, Gravel, Biden, or Richardson is “okay”?  Their wants and demands are ridiculous and have no basis in concreteness.

“I’ve had more contact from the McCain campaign since the nomination than from the Obama campaign,” said one Clinton fund-raiser and longtime Democratic donor who is not in Denver this week.  Well, of course you did, shitwit.  Think about it!

Other say it wasn’t a fair race because the Florida and Michigan delegates weren’t counted.  Err, do they blame the Florida and Michigan Democratic parties, that decided to move their primary days up knowing full well their votes then wouldn’t count? No.  Do they blame their candidate, who did not protest this situation until it became apparent it would hurt her? No.  Somehow, they blame Obama, even though he had nothing to do with it.  And then, when the delegates were allowed full voting rights at the conventions despite this not originally being the rules, they don’t even acknowledge that.  “But the nomination is already decided,” they whine.  Again, who agreed to the rules in the first place?  (Hint: she’s wearing a pants suit.)  Plus, there’s no evidence Hillary would have won either state anyway.  The most revealing fact, however, is that she didn’t give any indication she cared until it was obvious that without the extra votes she would lose.

These femi-fanatics just want their gal up there because they do, and if they can’t have it, they’ll bring down the whole operation, vote for the opponent, take their red ball and go play in another sandbox, and hold their breath until they turn blue.  Mommy!  Mommy!  Life’s not faaaaaaiiiir!

Susan Faludi says that, to understand the gloom of the Hillarybots:

One has to take into account the legacy of American women’s political struggle, in which long yearned for transformational change always gives way before a chorus of “not now” and “wait your turn,” and in which every victory turns out to be partial or pyrrhic.

Of course, what she leaves out is the fact that one could easily say the same things about Obama’s efforts and the efforts of other African American candidates in the past.  While Faludi yammers away at the plight of “second-class citizen” women, I have to note that they are doing far, far better on the equality scale than blacks.  Or Latinos.  Or Native Americans…I could go on.

Hey, Clintonistas—grow up!  If you ninnies are the kinds of supporters Hillary attracts, I’m glad she lost.


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