My friends, my friends, what a cynical choice…

Does this qualify as a “Crazy Mac” post?  I really don’t know…

After yammering for months Obama doesn’t have enough experience and Obama is too much of an outsider, MacKook picks a VP who makes Barrie look like a grizzled veteran.  I’m sure he chose her not because he thought a candidate with mammary glands would nab all the disenchanted Hillary voters but because she was the MOST QUALIFIED.  Redumblicans have a habit of doing that.

Speaking of strange Republican behavior, for some reason the McCain choice today got me thinking about this unforgettable moment from a while back.  I guess what made me remember it is the fact that the GOP is always good for some crazy entertainment, if nothing else besides taking away our freedoms.

.     .     .

Late breaking news!!: Here’s more on Senator McCain’s brilliant Vice Presidential choice.  (It just gets better.)

Also, it seems Palin until very recently was in alliance with a real Republican maverick and not one who just has a sticker on his tour bus.  But now that Johnny Mac has picked her, it seems her allegiance has conveniently shifted to a guy she didn’t even used to mention in interviews and who didn’t even really know her until last Sunday. As Lily Tomlin has said, no matter how cynical I get, I can’t seem to keep up.

What’s most interesting, however, is that this is how far McCain had to stoop in the direction of “inexperienced” before he could come up with a woman, just as Bush No. 1 had to pick Clarence Thomas as his black candidate for the Supreme Court.  Shows you how the Republican party is, through and through, the party of OLD WHITE MEN.


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