Who cares if he’s better for the economy—HE’S A MUSLIM, ISN’T HE???

And for that reason, we should never vote for Obama, even though, as this NY Times piece points out and as I’ve said before myself, economically voting Democratic is far better for the pocketbooks of the vast majority than voting Republican.

Yet, as Thomas Frank points out perceptively in What’s The Matter With Kansas, Americans like to vote against their own best interests over and over.  Helps explain why we’re sinking.

P.S.: No, dumbshit from the Bible belt, he’s not a Muslim.  Not that it should even matter…

August 31, 2008  Economic View

Is History Siding With Obama’s Economic Plan?

CLEARLY, there are major differences between the economic policies of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. Mr. McCain wants more tax cuts for the rich; Mr. Obama wants tax cuts for the poor and middle class. The two men also disagree on health care, energy and many other topics.

Such differences are hardly surprising. Democrats and Republicans have followed different approaches to the economy for as long as there have been Democrats and Republicans. Longer, actually. Remember Hamilton versus Jefferson?

Many Americans know that there are characteristic policy differences between the two parties. But few are aware of two important facts about the post-World War II era, both of which are brilliantly delineated in a new book, “Unequal Democracy,” by Larry M. Bartels, a professor of political science at Princeton. Understanding them might help voters see what could be at stake, economically speaking, in November.

To read the rest, click here.


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