Smile, Bristol, yall’s on candid camera!

Some pictures of America’s Sweetheart, Bristol Palin that have just surfaced:

First here she is as well all know and love her, as a pregnant unmarried mom trying to hide her bump with another baby.  And posing as an upright, good Christian girl and symbol of what’s pure and good about America…

Then come some new pictures that are coming to light.  They reportedly show a 16-year-old Bristol with several friends, one of whom is identified as Captain Morgan.  (I wonder if the good Captain is a friend of McCain’s from his Navy days.)  Hopefully someone who stayed clean and sober drove the white SUV in that one photo.  And of course, there’s the obligatory gun picture.  Can’t have Repuglicans widdout their guns, can y’all?

(That last photo is John McCain the way he probably looks right now.)

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