America, the greatest country on earth, the place everyone wants to live…

Err, aah, not exactly.

Yes, once again some pesky magazine editors have done a survey of the best places in the world to live.  The top U.S. city, Honolulu, where frankly few of us live in the first place, came in 28th.  The rest of the United States scored far worse.  And Europe, which many uninformed Americans (which is to say, most American, since Americans are more provincial than baby shit) regard as some sort of glorified Third World continent, has so many of the best places, places I’ve been to or lived in and can assure you tunnel-visioned Americans are wonderful: Brussels, Vienna, Munich, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Amsterdam.  Down Under also did well: Sydney, Auckland, and many others cities surpassed American locales for quality of life, education, (lack of) crime, places to do business, and general bang for the buck.  The most illuminating (and sure to be ignored) fact about these places: most of them are to one degree or another, Socialist.  (“What, do you want to elect a Democrat and get socialized healthcare?!?”)  Take my word for it, the people there, and in so many other countries most Americans would never deign to visit or learn about, have so much more money than you.

Oh, another point for you dittoheads with America blinders on: I once found a web page, that I wish I had bookmarked, for the people who were being sworn in as citizens on particular days in San Francisco.  This web page, in addition to listing the day, time, room location, etc., contained an ethnic breakdown of immigrants being made citizens.  Of the roughly sixty people, here was one Canadian, one person from the UK, and a few from the Philippines.  EVERYONE else was Latino, and almost all were Mexican.  So much for “everyone” wanting to get into the U.S.

We are the Land of Opportunity…for people who want to make money that’s trading at a higher exchange rate than their local currency and then leverage the difference to send cash back home to the extended familia.  Now, don’t get me wrong—there’s not necessarily anything wrong with doing that…in their zapatos I would too, but let’s stop kidding ourselves, shall we? This is not the shining city on the hill you’re hearing talked about at the Republican convention in Minnesota.  Wake up, delusional wingnuts, and smell the refriend beans.

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