It’s deja vu all over again…

Reports this morning say that Iraq is looking to buy F-16 fighter jets from the U.S. military-industrial complex.  (Subheadline: Part of Shopping Spree for New Weapons.)  Of course these deals will go through, and with very little scrutiny, since there’s billions to be made.  This to a government less than a couple years old that hasn’t even stood on its own legs yet and, if you believe Ann Counter and other right wingnut jobs, is still cozy with Iran and Al Qaeda and other members of the we-hate-America club.  Still, look for these planes flying in skies over Iraq soon.  Then someday, when we don’t like the government we installed because they aren’t acting like our puppets anymore, we’ll attack them and be attacked back by our own weapons.  And we’ll wonder who armed these terrorists?  How did they get to be so powerful? without ever looking in the mirror.

As John Raulston Saul points out in his book Voltaire’s Bastards, the U.S.’s largest export, though it’s loathe to admit it, is munitions.  It’s now the United States makes most of its money and pays off most of its debt.

God ble$$ America!

Gee, I wonder what a straight-talking maverick would do here?  *Cough-cough*…


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