Straight Talk from the man in the bamboo cage

"DAMN! Another lie exposed!"

The StraightTalk Express blew a tire yesterday: CBS News forced YouTube to pull a video from the McCain people that uses one of the oldest tricks in the book—cutting together two different pieces of video to create meaning that isn’t true.

The ad accuses Barack Obama of calling Sarah Palin a lipstick-wearing pig.  Now, the truth may hurt, but Obie actually said no such thing.  (And his private sniggering thoughts should be off limits.)

Said ad features a quote from Katie Couric at the end lamenting the “continued and accepted role of sexism in American life.”

Only one problem for the StraightTalk Express: Couric was actually referring to Democratic primary coverage of Hillary Clinton.

The ad ends with a picture of Obama and a caption reading, “Ready to lead? No. Ready to smear? Yes.”

The link to the ad on YouTube now leads to a message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS Interactive Inc.”

Actually that’s not true either.  It wasn’t a copyright claim.  It was the fact that the clip misrepresented CBS’ position.  —You know, what the Right wingnuts accused Dan Rather of doing against Bush’s military service.

You may remember how those wingnuts jumped on CBS’ case for their shoddy and misleading liberal journalism in that incident.  I wonder if they’ll scream so loud now.

Nice, Johnny Mac.  Are you this straight with your war record, too?


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