Time for some pesky fact-checks…

From the Trail Blazer’s blog on the Dallas Morning News

Fact check: Palin on energy

The Republican vice presidential nominee has said that her state produces 20 percent of U.S. energy. FactCheck.org says that’s not even close — it produces about 14 percent of domestic oil, 3.5 percent of all domestic energy, and 2.4 percent of what the country consumed.

Some other fact checks of note on Ms. Palin’s words today:

FactCheck.org says Ms. Palin may have stretched the facts when she suggested that many vice presidents probably never met with heads of state before taking office. But at least the last seven had extensive foreign policy experience.

Also, McClatchy notes that she seemed to suggest that Iraqis had been involved with the Sept. 11 attacks, but that’s not the case, according to all official investigations of the attacks.

Fact check: Obama ad on McCain and computers

A Barack Obama ad says John McCain “doesn’t know how to use a computer.” Politifact.com says that’s mostly true — McCain has acknowledged he’s not computer savvy but has also said he’s trying to learn and uses a BlackBerry.

Here’s one other item left over from last week’s rush of Sarah Palin news: A McCain campaign ad says that the Obama campaign has disrespected Palin, but FactCheck.org finds that the ad distorts quotes to make its case.  [Foiled again, you Straight-talker.]


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