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Normally I’d consider this line of thinking the fantasy of some paranoid loon, the same sort who thinks five separate, highly-trained assassins opened fire from the bushes, a manhole cover, the railroad tracks, a helicopter and the highway overpass to nail Kennedy in Dallas.  But with the current administration what it is, and with so many of the darkest doings about Iraq turned out to be true, this article perhaps isn’t the stretch it first seems.  I for one have been puzzled why Hank Paulson has been so adamant that we pass this Wall Street bailout NOW NOW NOW.  It would give Congress absolutely no oversight on how the money is spent and there could be no prosecution for malfeasance.  Do you really want the Bush administration to have all that power?

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In case the link goes away I’m also reproducing the piece below.  It’s from the website Democratic Underground:

Coalition of the Bribed Part II: Is the $700 Billion To Buy China’s Consent for a US-Iran War?

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Tue Sep 23rd 2008, 05:24 PM
Part I: China Owns Us and Our Debt China has invested heavily in our bad debt.…

China is deeply invested in U.S. government debt; as of just over a year ago, “China owned $376 billion of debt issued by U.S. government agencies, principally Fannie and Freddie.

No problem, you say? China is still the world’s cash cow, since

estimated to total some $1.8 trillion, China’s foreign-exchange reserves, “are the biggest in the world.”

Not so fast. China is having some financial problems of its own.

From an Aug. 20, 2008 article called “Chinese Stocks Still in Trouble.” Worldwide inflation and economic slowdown have effected even China’s markets which have experienced inflation, decreased growth and earnings. If the U.S. markets continue to get worse, China’s market are going to get worse. The individual members of the Bush administration and the NeoCons will still be rich if they allow this country to plunge into a Depression (by now, there money is all invested in other countries and in real estate in other countries), but if they let the U.S. turn into the Titanic, we take China with us.…

Up until now, the only two things standing in the way of a Wolfowitz/NeoCon engineered first strike against Iran (with Israel dropping the bomb) have been Russia and China, both economic partners of that oil rich country.

II. The “Economic Meltdown” Is Starting to Remind Me Iraq’s WMDs, with Henry Paulson Playing Colin Powell

The media circus surrounding the so called Bailout for the Economic Meltdown are exactly like the media circus which the administration staged six years ago when it told lies about Saddam’s WMDs that were going to fry us in our beds, with thirty minutes warning. Look at the language. “Meltdown”. That is what nuclear reactors do. “Crisis.” As in Go ahead and panic! . The administration insists that we must do something now about the results of predatory lending and bad mortgage debt, even though, as Eliot Spitzer warned us last Valentine’s Day in a Washington Post editorial, for the last five years, the Bush administration has been actively preventing the statesfrom interfering whenever mortgage houses engage in predatory lending. Obama is accused of being unpatriotic if he does not support the bailout, which is the only way to preserve civilization as we know it. Doesn’t he understand the terra-ists—-excuse me, the creditors are knocking at the door? Isn’t he scared ?

(Ignore the fact that John McCain is against the bailout. His objections are all right wing, conservative ideological, and therefore, he is allowed to have them, since presumably ideology trumps common sense in this country. Anyone who questions the double standard in how the two candidates are treated on this subject is accused of interjecting “politics” into this terrible, awful crisis.)

Since I would not want to do anything as reprehensible as interject politics into this very serious issue of how we are fixing to spend almost a trillion dollars of us money with no Congressional or taxpayer oversight , I will return to the issue at hand. The administration is in full Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be so afraid you pee your pants!mode. And they are in a rush. They don’t want us to look too closely at what it is that we are about to sign.

The devil doesn’t want you to look to closely, either, when you are about to sign away your soul.

I smell a rat. What is the hurry? Does it have something to do with the clock ticking out on the Bush-Cheney administration? What was the number one priority of these guys before they came into office? Hint: Project for a New American Century…

In relation to the Persian Gulf, citing particularly Iraq and Iran, Rebuilding America’s Defenses states that “while the unresolved conflict in Iraq provides the immediate justification , the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein” and “Over the long term, Iran may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interests in the Gulf as Iraq has. And even should U.S.-Iranian relations improve, retaining forward-based forces in the region would still be an essential element in U.S. security strategy given the longstanding American interests in the region.”

Well, hell! These guys were planning to invade Iran all along! Times running out for the oil company execs that are the puppet masters for the NeoCons. You know, people like David Rockefeller, who would be running Standard Oil if they had not forced them to pretend to break it up into several baby oil companies. They got away with invading and occupying Iraq (for 100 years they hope). They only have three months left to invade Iran.

As I said before, there are only two things standing in their way. Not Congress. Bush figures he can do whatever he wants and Congress will roll over, afraid to look “weak on terror.” The American people can not stop Israel from launching a first strike, and if Iran strikes back, enough Americans will want to protect Israel that the administration should be able to sell the war to Congress. The military may hem and haw, but they will go along with the American people. Iran may not strike back, but hey, that is one of the risks they have to take.

The two things standing in their way up until now have been Russia___and they think they took care of the Russian problem with the staged war in Georgia this summer, in which John McCain proclaimed “We are all Georgians!” and the NeoCons tried to jump start the Cold War. When Israel attacks the brand new nuclear power plant in Iran, the one which will be full of Russian technical advisers, the U.S. government will say (in effect) Sucks to be Russians . However, the U.S. can not have such a cavalier attitude towards China, which owns us .

So, I wonder if hidden in that $700 billion no strings attached and you can not question me about it later or sue me bailout is a plan to buy off China.

III. How the U.S. Bought the Coalition of the Bribed for the Iraq Invasion

Everyone needs to read this scholarly, well researched but also well written paper called

‘Coalition of the Bribed?’ US Economic Linkage and the Iraq War Coalition. Full text is available online here.…

The author, Dr. Randall E. Newnham analyzes the different strategies which the Bush administration used to bribe nations into supporting the Iraq War in 2003. A surprising number of countries got direct cash payouts. The larger the countries, the bigger the bribes. The section on economic aid starts on page nine. For example:

Columbia, $574.6 million; Afghanistan, $550 million; Turkey, $255.6 million; Georgia,$89.9 million; the Philippines, $89.7 million; Ethiopia, $58.9 million; and Uzbekistan, $57.5 million.

These were for “little countries”. The U.S. was willing to go much higher for the participation of important players, like Turkey.

In last 2002 and early 2003, as the invasion of Iraq loomed, US planners
desperately wanted to force Saddam into a two front war. In addition to the main attack
from the south, they hoped to send a full division into Iraq from the north. However,
Turkey refused to permit this. The war was deeply unpopular there, and in addition, the
US troops would be assisting the Kurds of northern Iraq, a group distrusted by the Turks.
To overcome this resistance Washington offered an aid package of epic scope. Figures as high as $26 billion were mentioned, an amount substantially larger than the entire annual US ODA budget.

Israel got a billion in aid, Egypt and Jordan each got almost half a billion just for not raising a big stink.

None of these countries had anywhere near the political, economic or military clout of China.

(Note: the article also contains analysis of other tools that were used including special trade favors, U.S. military bases, reconstruction contracts and other economic bribes that were employed to create the impression that we had allies in our colonial venture in Iraq. Particularly ironic was the ploy of promising countries that their old Iraq debts would be paid after the invasion, something we now know the U.S. occupiers had no intention of doing, since this would put the foreign oil companies at risk of international lawsuit by Saddam’s old debtors in places like the United States.)

This article is a great read. Highly recommended.

IV. How to Buy China’s Acquiescence for a U.S War With Iran With Half a Trillion Dollars

This is real simple. Give your Treasury Secretary close to a trillion dollars to spend however he wants settling the massive debts that have been incurred by the U.S. mortgage and investment industry from its greedy, illegal and deceptive practices. Have him tell China “You want to get taken care of or you want me to declare that my first priority is taking care of domestic investors?”

If I were China, I would look the other way when Israel drops the bombs on the new nuclear reactor in Iran, even if it is packed with a thousand innocent Russian techs.

Think about it. We have all said that Bush would never invade Iran….why? What country have we all counted upon to put its foot down on him if he ever decides to act upon the other big NeoCon plan?


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