Straight Talk Express hits something on the campaign trail…

"Sorry I didn't see that trooper, Mr. McCain."

First Johnny Mac famously said he wasn’t really much of an economy guy, foreign policy was his gig.  (“I’m not a president but I play one on TV…”)  More recently he said the economy was fundamentally sound (which begs the question how he’d know, since he admitted he’s not much of an economy wonk).  Now he’s saying he’s “suspending his campaign” to head back to D.C. and deal with the economic crisis, because we all know the well-being of world markets rests on the thoughts and insights of a 72-year-old fogey who’s half burned out above the neck and admits domestic policy ain’t his thing anyway.  However, more tellingly, wouldn’t you call this new position a, um, flip-flop?  We go from “the economy is sound” to “Holy shit, turn this bus around and head back to Sin City!”  Thank God John Kerry never did anything like that when he was campaigning.

This comes amidst VP BFF Sarah Palin’s refusal to cooperate in Troopergate, then a half-hearted reversal (flip-flop again?), as well as Johnny Mac using the Wall Street bailout as an excuse to postpone the first presidential debate.  (“Great idea!” shrieks Sarah.  “Can I use that too?”)  Seems to ME this is the perfect time for a debate…say on the Repuglicans’ hands-off unfettered markets policy.

What amazes me is how the Rove Spin Machine can recycle all this into “change,” “straight talk” and Maverickness.  As we say in the aviation business, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  (Look it up.)

More on all of this:

* It took them this long to notice?  Well, the paper is from Kansas City


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