Capitalism outlives Communism by 17 years…


People keep asking how our business is doing. I’ll tell you in a minute, but first, we all need to rant.

While I’m personally generally isolated from the realities of “hard times” caused by war and bad economics, this crisis is a tide that will envelop all of us. The mortgage thing is hitting my friends and family, and I feel like just one little guy in a big team, throwing around sandbags filled with futility.

It is a scary time in our country. It seems like our government — Democrat and Republican — has been goosing the economy (to score political points) for 20 years. With all that goosing, one day reality will come home to roost. I am saddened by the basic silliness of a world that believes it can buy a house for $300,000, see it increase in value in a couple years to $500,000, and think they really gained $200,000. And, if it suddenly drops in value to $400,000, they think they lost $100,000. America is not as wealthy as it wants to be.

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