Do as I say, not as I do, and return your seat to its upright and locked position…

Airline tickets are sooo expensive...

I can see Alaska from my house.  And from here, it looks like the governor is as crooked and deceitful as all the wasteful government spending she’s professing to be against.  Her image is total myth, like John Wayne’s and Ronald Reagan’s, but the stupid people eat it up, because, as Reagan said, facts are “stupid things.”

So now the AP has the nerve to tell us that Sarah Palin has billed the taxpayers of her state for personal trips wherein she dragged the family along.  Sarah claims the family was invited, but 1) they can’t produce proof of that, and 2) the event organizers tend to remember things a bit differently.

Read all about it here.  It’s an investigation by some America-hating, pinko Socialist journalists who probably don’t support our troops, either.  Oh, and remember to vote for the “fiscally-responsible” party on November 4th—you know, the one that’s buying up our private banking system.


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