Sarah, Sarah, you’re just another cheating, lying politician II, eh?

Say it ain’t so, Sarah!  Now that nasty, spiteful press has discovered you employed favoritism when making appointments in Alaska!  Those pesky reporters!  Can’t we just send them all to Guantanamo or something?  (No, we can’t, Sarah…I checked with John.)

Palin appointed friends and donors to key posts in Alaska, records show

100-plus jobs went to campaign donors or their relatives, sometimes without apparent regard to qualifications. Several donors got state-subsidized loans for business ventures of dubious public value.
By Charles Piller
October 24, 2008

Reporting from Anchorage — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, plucked from relative obscurity in part for her reform credentials, has been eager to tout them in her vice presidential campaign.


a Los Angeles Times examination of state records shows, her approach to government was business as usual. Take, for example, the tradition of patronage. Some of Palin’s most controversial appointments involved donors, records show.

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