It’s tough bein’ a bubba these days…

Remember them thar beer drinkin’ blue collar types who wuz Reagan Democrats in the 1980s and continued to foller the party line in the 90s becuz they thought the Repiglicans wuz doin’ good things for ‘Murica by keeping out them foreigners and bashing the queers?  Them macho men who believed men belonged in the factory, wimmen belonged in the kitchen and weekends wuz spent huntin’ or watching NASCAR on teevee?  Them tough guys who watched Charles Bronson movies, listened to Michael Savage and beat up the smart kids at school (when they bothered to go) cuz “ed-yi-cashun is for sissies”?  Well, them folks now bankrupted, as the Repiglican way of life has collapsed around their “Gawd Bless The U.S.A.” quilts.  Ain’t it a shame..?  Now, some of ’em might even vote for a Muslim Socialist Darkie!

Leading in Job Losses, Rhode Island Struggles On

JOHNSTON, R.I. — The family resemblance shared by John Hallam, his brother Arthur, and their cousin Dennis goes far beyond their ruddy features these days.

All three were laid off this year from jobs they had held for more than a decade, with John losing two jobs in just the last nine months. Dennis’s 29-year-old daughter, Mary, a single mother of two, is out of work too, having lost her job at a restaurant when summer ended.

“What the hell’s going to happen to us?” asked John, 58, who drove a truck for a lumber company. “There are no good jobs anymore.”

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