You win some, you lose some…

McCain supporters at a recent rally

McCain supporters at a recent rally

First the bad news: The Anchorage Daily News of Sarah Versace Palin’s home state of Alaska has endorsed Barack Obama, aka “That One,” for president.


Even in a campaign where lately, everything that can gone wrong has, that’s gotta hurt.  Don’t worry, though.  It still endorses Ms. Palin in the swimsuit and talent competitions.

Read all about the pain and indignity here.  (Don’t fret, Johnny Mac. Apparently rednecks in Virginia are still for ya.  Read the endorsement below Anchorage.)

Now the good news: McCain did get a ringing endorsement recently, from a source far larger and more powerful and influential than the piddly Anchorage Daily News.  Or Colin Powell.  Or wussy embittered ex-Bushie Scott McClellan.

Al Qaeda has endorsed John and Sarah for president.

Am I talking about the Al Qaeda that would like to wipe us off the map and flush us down the toilet, if only they had the indoor plumbing in their caves to do it?  —You betcha.

Read all about that here.

Funny, though, how Senator McTemper isn’t talking about that endorsement. No TV ads, nor mentions on the Sunday morning talk shows.  I doubt he even bounded out of one of his 28 cars and through the front door of one of his eight homes and yelled to Cindy, “Hey, cunt, guess what?!?  Those gooks—I mean, ragheads—endorsed me!

But hey, an endorsment’s an endorsement, right?  He has so few that I’m betting he privately clipped the article and put it in his scrap book anyhow: “Al Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election.”  (You have to wonder what kind of support.  Is McCain sending them donation solicitations too?)

And how Barack Obama can honestly run a campaign ad that says John McCain is supported by terrorists.  Kinda makes the association with Bill Ayers seem amateur by comparison.  I guess that’s what the McCain camp means when they say their guy has more experience.

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