McCain: “You’re being fooled” –Yes, but by whom?

This is the fifth time in the last three days I’ve read this comment, from either McCain or Palin, and it truly has me worried.  Both are “guaranteeing” a victory on election day, “no matter what the polls.”  Strong, dare I say even practically subversive language.  Imagine the reaction from the GOP and Fox News if Obama said it.

Today McShame and the hockey puck told a Pennsylvania audience that “It’s wonderful to fool the pundits,” and guaranteed they’d take the White House on election day.

They just left out the part about “by any means necessary.

Yes, if it were any other group of politicians running, I’d toss it off as puffery.  But when these guys talk about guaranteeing victory, when they say they will win irregardless of all the polls, I start to smell a rat.

And he looks like this:

"Victory is ours"?

"Victory is ours"?

Time was that boxes of ballots found floating in rivers in rival districts, people being turned away at polls even though they registered and could prove it, people being switched to the other party the same way criminal phone companies “slam” long distance carriers, and people being told they could be deported, fired, or lose student aid if they voted for the other team were the tactics of banana republics and Third World nations.  Actually, they still are, it’s just that we have become one of them.  The UN now considers the U.S. one of the countries whose elections need to be monitored.  Used to be we did the monitoring because we were (relatively) just.  My, how we’ve grown.

If this makes you want to vomit, you’re not alone.  If this makes you want to look into citizenship in other countries, you’re in good company.  Apocryphally, Americans are leaving the U.S. in record numbers to seek a better life elsewhere.  I say “apocryphally” because, interestingly, the U.S. keeps no statistics on the number of ex-pats.  At least none that it admits to or releases.  I’m sure they’re watching them somehow.  This evil government watches everything.

Back to the Straight Talk Liars, why are they suddenly drilling home this message that they CAN’T fail?  I know politicians say all sorts of things before an election, but something tells me this isn’t just talk.  I have a queasy feeling, honestly.  It’s been a little too easy for Obama…

Hmmm….As I said, I smell a rat, Roving around.

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