The next time some right-wingnut tells you the rich pay the most taxes…

"What?? I owe $50? Murray, you're FIRED!"

…You can laugh.

Not only do they pay less for their share than other brackets, as has been documented many times, but they cheat the most too.

And since catching white collar cheaters is much harder (for one thing, their tax lawyers are usually smarter than the governments; after all, if you are a whiz-bang tax attorney do you become a government employee or work in private practice for CEOs?) the government doesn’t try as hard.  It’s literally easier to go after lots of people for a nickel than to go after one big tough fish for a million—or ten or twenty.

But complain about it and you’re a Socialist who wants to deprive hard-working people of what they’ve earned and level the playing field so that no one gets rewarded for their labor—so STFU!

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