He’s Number One…

"I'm the tops, you liberal pussies."

The next time some intellectually-superior liberal tells you what a dummy President Bush is, you can look them straight in the eye and say a poll of 109 historians concluded that G.W.B. ranked “Number 1.”

That’s a lot of people agreeing on something.  Every try to get 109 people to agree on even what should have won Best Picture?  It’s not easy.

Even those who disagreed rated him Number 2.  That’s still quite extraordinary.  You know the saying, “We’re Number Two, But We Try Harder.”  How hard did George Bush, and the men with their hands up his ass, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, try?

Their accomplishments are remarkable.  In government growth, they made LBJ’s Great Society look puny, at least when one compares expenditures.  In government transparency, they made Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels look like bumbling amateurs.

All I’m saying is, have a little respect for accomplishment.  Sure September 11th helped a lot, but if you were aware of what was going on deep in the bowels of government before then, you’d know they were planning this stuff previously.  9-11 just gave them the blank check they’d been looking for.

I can just imagine the three wise men—W, Dick and Turd Blossom—sitting there with a bottle of Jack Daniels and cigars saying, “Damn, it’s a good thing those hijackers rammed those planes into the towers.  They made our jobs so easy.”

After that, it was an inexorable road to ruin.  Osama bin Laden surely never envisioned he’d do so much to crumble us.  And not have to pay any sort of price.

Did W, D and TB envision they wouldn’t have to catch him, or even make much of an effort, and still retain the hearts of the American sheeple?  (I don’t say “hearts and minds,” because the American sheeple are pretty mindless.  Whether they demonstrated this or not in 2000 is open to question, but it’s beyond dispute that they demonstrated it in 2004.)

Truly, it’s a remarkable achievement.  Mr. President, you will indeed go to the top of the history books.  Just not in the chapter you wanted.

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