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It’s a good thing we’re not a Socialist country…

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"Pleeaase, please, please, please money money money pleasepleaseplease..."

…Because as everyone knows, Socialism just doesn’t work.

(That’s why those Socialist countries like France and Germany just can’t compete with us when it comes to things like, err, cars.)


The welfare freeloaders in this country…

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Yep, the conservatives were right.  It’s the welfare freeloaders in this country who are bringing the nation down.  Ronald Reagan first went after them in 1980, and they continue to plague the government today.

You know them: they take money from the government with a sense of entitlement and give nothing back.  They do nothing productive; they don’t work.  They are a drain on the financial system of the U.S.

Here’s a brilliant article in on the most recent egregious offenders.  What I don’t understand is, almost 30 years after the Reagan Revolution, why do we still coddle these welfare cheats?!?  As a taxpayer, I am angry…and you should be too.


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Well-said, Tommy!

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“…Our bailout of Detroit will be remembered as the equivalent of pouring billions of dollars of taxpayer money into the mail-order-catalogue business on the eve of the birth of eBay.” —Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, Dec. 10, 2008.

The whole article: While Detroit Slept.

The ruling class…

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rulingclassAll this talk prior to the election about how Obama was going to bring in his Socialist friends and turn the United States into New Russia seemed silly then, to anyone with half a brain and an education beyond Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Now, with most of Obie’s cabinet appointments announced, it appears downright ludicrous.

As many of his suckers supporters have noted, since winning this agent of “change” has stacked his future White House with The Old Guard—picks from either the Clinton years or Bush holdovers, otherwise known as The Usual Gang of Idiots.  Particularly with regard to foreign policy and especially Iraq, it’s going to be hard to tell the new place from the old place.

As this article in Politico states today, Obama’s many supporters from the left and even left-center are becoming dismayed at what lies underneath once the mask has come off, and not just regarding appointments.  First there was the pledge to immediately repeal Bush’s tax cut for the hoity-toity, but now he’s reversed that, and wanna bet the cuts become permanent at the end of 2010?  He’ll find some reason—the economy is just starting to move, and stimulus spending by the business community is helping to create the new jobs we need to grow.  —Gee, that’s pretty good; maybe I should be his speechwriter.  Of course, there will be a slight uptick in jobs, and he’ll tell you it’s because business-owners are spending again that’s the reason, but it will be no such thing.  Instead the gov’ment will just jiggle the numbers as they always do to make things look at least slighty better than they are.  Wanna save this posting till 2010 and see if I’m right?

But that doesn’t surprise me so much.  What does make me pause is his change of position on the Iraq war.  The audacious commander-in-chief-elect had campaigned very pointedly on ending the war “on day one.”  I actually thought there might be some truth to that, since he was against it from the very beginning and consistently voted down any aid to the effort.

But things have changed again.  (Maybe that’s what he meant by “Change is coming soon.”)  Now Obama merely says he will, on day one, begin to design a plan that includes a responsible draw-down.  Boy, that’s pussy-footing that even a Michael Dukakis couldn’t match.

Somewhere recently—and now I forget where—I was reading a post about how America really has a set ruling class (with many of the participants named either “Clinton” or “Bush”) no matter who runs the show.  I wish I’d bookmarked it, because I’d link to it here as my parting shot.  It’s true.  You say potato* and I say spud, it’s all the same thing.  Here’s to another four years of tacking to the right, hemming and hawing on Guantanamo, Abu Graib, civil liberties, tax cuts for working people, corporate accountability, Pentagon accountability, and a host of other issues we were promised would see “change.”  The audacity of it is, 2012 is just around the corner, so soon we’ll start hearing about “change” again.

*Or potatoe if you’re Dan Quayle.

“Pass me a Dixiecup…”

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The Three Stooges Go To Washington

The New York Times article begins, “Faced with staggering new unemployment figures, Democratic Congressional leaders said on Friday that they were ready to provide a short-term rescue plan for American automakers…”  To translate that into what it really means, it would read: “Faced with staggering water in the lower decks of the ship, crew members of the RMS Titanic said they are breaking out the Dixiecups to bail out the ailing ship.”  You can all go back to your staterooms now.  We won’t sink after all.

Dumbfucks, your piddly bailout isn’t going to do jackshit, except take that much money away from projects where it could possibly have an impact.  Everybody, everybody, everybody is in agreement that the long-term prognosis for the automakers is death.  The only question is quick death or drawn-out, expensive death.  The brilliant men and women who have been leading this country into the ground for the past 30 years have decided on the latter, which is the stupidest, as well as most cowardly, decision they could make.  They want to appear as though they’ve done everything, while doing everything will just make things worse.  But no, appearance is what matters to the spineless scum that populates the halls of Capitol Hill.

There were two ways they could  have handled this that, while not without pain, would make some degree of sense.  1) Let ’em die, which I think is the best decision.  2) Throw oodles of money at them, all they need and more, because you know damn well they low-balled what they asked for and it will only last them six months to a year, and they’ll be back for more, pointing, as they do now, to all sorts of progress that’s “just around the corner.”  (“This time we’re really turning a corner, honest we are, and we’re starting to get it. Now, can we just pick up our pre-signed bailout checks now because we have a 1PM tee time at the Lexington Country Club golf course.  Thanks…“)  Instead they do neither.  Congress makes the same mistake it made with Vietnam, with Iraq, and with most of the social programs out there: they agree to support it, but only half-heartedly.  They give it money, but not too much lest they stir the wrath of the voter.  They compromise, hoping to eat their cake while having it too.  The result is not enough funds to do the job but enough to, along with all their other half-hearted programs, further mire the country in debt.  That’s one of the main reasons we’re as broke as we are, and have such a large number of check marks in the “failure” column.  We no longer do things in a bold way.  We no longer refuse to do things.  We…take a…sort of middle ground.

Great going, guys.  You’ve shown that you, just like the three clowns you’re bailing out, don’t have a clue how to utilize your resources.  You have a lot of nerve lecturing them when you’re exactly the same.

A great post from another blog…

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"You thought I was defeated? Fat fucking chance."

Like a vaginal yeast infection, Sarah Palin is hard to get rid of.  We had hoped that Andy Warhol’s clock on her had started ticking when Johnny Mac flew out to the tundra and pulled her out of a block of ice and told her she was his ticket to reach the Hillary supporters and Bible-nuts, but no, apparently even after the Straight-Talk Express went straight back to Arizona, Sarah is staying around to soak in some limelight rays to tan that pasty skin and those pale lips.  Here’s a blog entry from the brilliant and beautifully-unconventional site Margaret & Helen, that beautifully describes just what’s so repulsive about her, and why we’d better hope her gun accidentally backfires and blows her jaw off before 2012–and let’s hope doctors don’t retrieve it and wire it shut, unless they plan to make such a move permanent.

Sarah, Rush, Ann, Sean and the rest of you IDIOTS who are pushing the U.S. quickly into Third World stature, I hope you all die—and soon.  Painfully would be nice too.  But we cant afford much more of you, we really can’t.  This isn’t funny anymore.  You’re destroying this country the way Nazi lunatic fanatics destroyed Germany in the 1930s and 40s, from beneath a bunker draped with a huge flag.