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Once again, Ted nails it…

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I was going to write about why the Obama victory, good as it was, wasn’t the victory, wasn’t the mandate, wasn’t the “change,” it’s being hyped as being.  Why it was scary that 48% of the people still voted for more of the same thing, despite the fact that this time the same thing showed up with a parody of a statesman (statesperson) in lipstick next to him.  Why it was amazing that Obama’s popular vote win was only by a margin of three percent.  I was going to get around to all that…

Then Ted Rall did it for me.  So being I’m in a lazy mood this month, I’ll just turn the mike over to him.  Come on up, Ted, and talk to the stupid folks who think “change” is in the air…

And when you’re done reading Ted, take a gander at this great cartoon:


For those of you who don’t like last night’s election results, I offer a humble suggestion…

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Aw, in honor of election day, let’s watch this clip ONE LAST TIME…

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A tip of the hat to the “Manila Standard Today”

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A great editorial, better than much of the crap floating around in the U.S.  I am reproducing it totally without permission, so I guess I’ll never get into heaven:


obamabarackObama, perhaps

By Antonio C. Abaya

As I write this piece, there are still more than 48 hours left before the presidential campaign ends and the voting begins in the United States. Barack Obama is still enjoying a lead in the nationwide polls, but anything can still happen.

At the height of the financial crisis about three weeks ago, Obama was enjoying a double-digit lead over John McCain. That lead is now down to seven percentage points, with another 7percent still undecided.

What this seems to indicate is that a significant portion of those who chose Obama three weeks ago, when the economy was in total shambles, have changed their minds now that the economy seems to be reaching a state of equilibrium, even though the numbers are still down.

And then there is the so-called Bradley Effect, named after Black Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles who ran for governor of California in 1992. He led in the polls all throughout the campaign, only to lose to his white rival on Election Day.

It has been explained that some white voters do not reveal their racist bias to pollsters but express that bias in the privacy of the voting booth.

It is estimated that as many as 6 percent of white voters could succumb to this latent racism. If true, that would impact not only on the real nationwide poll—which does not elect the president and vice-president—but, more importantly, on the state electoral votes, which do. In most states, the gap between Obama and McCain is six points or less, so the Bradley Effect is statistically significant.

At present, Obama is said to have 290 electoral votes safely tucked in, compared to 160 for McCain. The winning total is 270 electoral votes. Without the Bradley Effect, Obama is a sure winner. With the Bradley Effect, it’s only Obama, perhaps.

In my earlier article “Obama, Osama, Oh Mama!” (March 31), I wrote that as Obama became more likely to become president, he ran a higher risk of being assassinated by white supremacists, a view that was similarly expressed by British-South African novelist Doris Lessing.

The arrest of two white supremacist neo-Nazi skinheads in Tennessee, allegedly because they had publicly stated a desire to shoot and behead some 80 Blacks in a nearby school, to be followed with a plan to drive through an Obama rally to assassinate him, must be regarded as merely the tip of a white supremacist iceberg. There must be other, more coldly calculating racist-killers out there waiting for the right moment to strike.

Despite its claim to being a beacon of democratic polity, the US has had more political assassinations at the highest levels in the past 150 years than almost any other country on earth, Black Africa and the Middle East included.

In the last two minutes of this electoral ballgame, the neo-cons are still trying to score a slam dunk that could push the McCain-Palin team to victory. In October, the embattled Americans in Afghanistan and Langley (Virginia—home of the CIA) launched NINE unmanned Predator strikes with Hellfire missiles into suspected Al Qaeda hideouts in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the last two in one day alone, on Oct. 31.

The aim, of course, has been to hope for a lucky shot that kills Osama bin Laden and/or his deputy, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zwahiri. So far, they have killed dozens of Pakistani civilians, but not Osama or Ayman. They still have 48 hours to score that lucky shot.

If I were an American citizen, I would vote for Barack Obama. He is the more attractive candidate: Intelligent, articulate, liberal, composed, able to think on his feet, always ready with an apt sound byte.

Compared to the Ivy Leaguer Obama, McCain is under-educated, which is why he talks in clichés, like his patron George W. Bush. I do not think McCain—or George W—can locate Iraq or Afghanistan in a map if the markings were in Hebrew or Chinese. McCain was 895th in his class of 899 midshipmen at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.

But Obama has no executive experience. Neither has McCain, nor has Joseph Biden. The only one in the quartet with any executive experience is the moose-eating Sarah Palin. But, like McCain, Palin is also under-educated and is so obviously unfit for the position of vice president, much more of president, that one must question the judgment of McCain in choosing someone of her low-bat caliber as his running mate, especially since by his own admission he had met her only once ever.

McCain justifies himself on the grounds that he is a maverick, and that she also is. God or Allah help this planet if the most powerful country is run by two under-educated mavericks. It will be perpetual war. Which is probably what the neo-cons want: Which is why Vice President Dick Cheney, the outgoing neo-con headman, unexpectedly endorsed the maverick duo today.

Palin was chosen for two reasons. The Republicans thought they could win Woman Power to their side on the rebound after Obama chose Biden over Hillary Clinton. But after the novelty wore off, what the Republicans got was Girl Power instead, girls aged from nine to 90, with no ideological or political consciousness, but tickled to the bones that a Powerpuff Girl was McCain’s running mate.

The other reason why McCain chose Palin is her appeal to her fellow Christian Evangelicals, who constitute the Republican mass base and who make up most of the 26 percent of the American electorate who still support the vastly unpopular George W.

The Christian Evangelicals believe that war in the Middle East is part of God’s Plan: Israel will be destroyed but the 144,000 male Jews who survive will convert to Christianity and this will be the signal for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Obama has no counter-argument to that.

But the best argument against John McCain is John McCain. He makes much of his five and a half years in captivity at the Hanoi Hilton, as well he should, since that makes him an authentic American war hero.

But while he was a POW, his first wife Carol figured in a car accident in 1969 that hospitalized her for six months and required massive surgery. In order to save her life, surgeons had to cut away sections of shattered bone, reducing her height by four inches, confining her to a wheelchair and forcing her to use a catheter.

When McCain returned from Vietnam in 1973, he returned to a disfigured and crippled Carol, different from the tall and willowy Carol whom he remembered when he left in 1967 for Vietnam.

In 1979, while still married to Carol, our hero met and dated the statuesque and wealthy Cindy, whom he pursued relentlessly until she agreed to marry him, whereupon he divorced the crippled and disfigured Carol in 1980.

I guess McCain would say this was part of his being a maverick. The billionaire and former presidential candidate Ross Perot, who paid Carol’s hospital bills, sees him differently, as a man who is “unusually slick and cruel.”

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He’s Number One…

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"I'm the tops, you liberal pussies."

The next time some intellectually-superior liberal tells you what a dummy President Bush is, you can look them straight in the eye and say a poll of 109 historians concluded that G.W.B. ranked “Number 1.”

That’s a lot of people agreeing on something.  Every try to get 109 people to agree on even what should have won Best Picture?  It’s not easy.

Even those who disagreed rated him Number 2.  That’s still quite extraordinary.  You know the saying, “We’re Number Two, But We Try Harder.”  How hard did George Bush, and the men with their hands up his ass, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, try?

Their accomplishments are remarkable.  In government growth, they made LBJ’s Great Society look puny, at least when one compares expenditures.  In government transparency, they made Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels look like bumbling amateurs.

All I’m saying is, have a little respect for accomplishment.  Sure September 11th helped a lot, but if you were aware of what was going on deep in the bowels of government before then, you’d know they were planning this stuff previously.  9-11 just gave them the blank check they’d been looking for.

I can just imagine the three wise men—W, Dick and Turd Blossom—sitting there with a bottle of Jack Daniels and cigars saying, “Damn, it’s a good thing those hijackers rammed those planes into the towers.  They made our jobs so easy.”

After that, it was an inexorable road to ruin.  Osama bin Laden surely never envisioned he’d do so much to crumble us.  And not have to pay any sort of price.

Did W, D and TB envision they wouldn’t have to catch him, or even make much of an effort, and still retain the hearts of the American sheeple?  (I don’t say “hearts and minds,” because the American sheeple are pretty mindless.  Whether they demonstrated this or not in 2000 is open to question, but it’s beyond dispute that they demonstrated it in 2004.)

Truly, it’s a remarkable achievement.  Mr. President, you will indeed go to the top of the history books.  Just not in the chapter you wanted.

Read about it here.

A message for those who would vote for the candidate who “won’t raise my taxes.”

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Thomas L. Friedman of that liberal rag The New York Times hit the nail right on the head with his editorial today wherein he describes exactly why your tax bill will HAVE to be big, very very big.  The short of it is blame those don’t-tax-and-spend Republicans, who seem to think money comes out of the air and the United States is rich merely because we say we are, who went to college yet somehow were never taught the concept “there is no free lunch,” not even if God ordains you to spread your Free Markets to the rest of the world at gunpoint.  As Friedman summed up:

Never has one generation spent so much of its children’s wealth in such a short period of time with so little to show for it as in the Bush years. Under George W. Bush, America has foisted onto future generations a huge financial burden to finance our current tax cuts, wars and now bailouts. Just paying off those debts will require significant sacrifices. But when you add the destruction of wealth that has taken place in the last two months in the markets, and the need for more bailouts, you understand why this is not going to be a painless recovery.


We are all going to have to pay, because this meltdown comes in the context of what has been “perhaps the greatest wealth transfer since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917,” says Michael Mandelbaum, author of “Democracy’s Good Name.” “It is not a wealth transfer from rich to poor that the Bush administration will be remembered for. It is a wealth transfer from the future to the present.”

But let’s not stop there. This week’s Newsweek—I know, I keep quoting those liberal trash publications instead of real Americans William Kristol and Bill O’Reilly, but bear with me—describes what a difference eight years and about fifty fewer IQ points at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue makes:

When George W. Bush became president nearly eight years ago the world was largely at peace, the U.S. military was largely at rest, oil was $23 a barrel, the economy was growing at more than 3 percent, $1 was worth 116 yen, the national debt was just under $6 trillion and the federal government was running a sizable budgetary surplus. The September 11 attacks, for all they cost us as a nation, increased the world’s willingness to cooperate with us. You, by contrast, will inherit wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tired and stretched armed forces, a global struggle with terrorism, oil that has ranged as high as $150 a barrel, a weaker dollar (now worth 95 yen), substantial anti-American sentiment, a federal budget deficit that could reach $1 trillion in your first year, a ballooning national debt of some $10 trillion and a global economic slowdown that will increase instability in numerous countries.

I’ve been saying for years that neo-con I-got-mine-fuck-you types who would vote for Satan himself if he promised to lower taxes were ruining America because of their instant-gratification, don’t-want-to-have-to-pay-for-it mentality—I went to college for four years and got my finance degree, which is supposed to be the ticket to Instant Wealth in this country.  Now I want that swimming pool and the Coach leather and the BMW.  When the next president looks us in the eye in his first post-election speech—and he’s going to do with no matter whether the “Socialist liberal Democrat” or “conservative Maverick Republican” wins—and says, “We are going to have to sacrifice big time and defer our dreams,” don’t look to welfare queens or minorities or liberals to blame.  Look in the mirror.  But, if you want some guilt relief, you can also look at the corporate logos of nearly every big business in America, those ones who engineer sweetheart tax exemptions with the threat of, “We’ll just go offshore and lay everybody here off if you don’t give us everything we want!”—and then do anyway.

That’s who’s responsible, no matter how much Rush and Sean and Fox News spin it, for our decline in the world, and the fact that today’s young people are not enjoying the standard of living we did a generation ago (while Europe’s, with all that horrible evil Socialism, is steadily going up), and it is going to get a lot lot lot lot lot lot worse, even as we are more and more and more and more and more in denial, unfurling bigger and bigger flags at sports events, chanting “USA!!  USA!!” louder and louder, and threatening more broken-down shit countries we’ve puffed up as “major threats to Democracy” with great bravado (Iraq, Iran, Cuba), while very quietly bending knee to and making deals with the real threats (North Korea, Russia).

The rest of Friedman’s excellent editorial is here.  The rest of the Newsweek article is here.  Think about them before you cast your vote, and remember what economic philosophy got us into this mess.

Sunshine *and* jazz…

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Polls are now great for Johnny Mac, just half a week before the election, despite no changes taking place externally.  Maybe that’s this year’s October Surprise: there IS no surprise, but the Repiglicans win anyway.

And none of the press (in America at least) finds this odd.  In Europe and Australia, they’re questioning it.  But they have a free press.

"My friends, my friends, don't believe the polls...unless they say I'm going to win."

Then again, maybe it’s just the fact that, in this land where All Men Are Created Equal, people just can’t make themselves vote for a black candidate.  They’d rather perish with someone they think they know merely because they share melanin—or lack of it.