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The welfare freeloaders in this country…

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Yep, the conservatives were right.  It’s the welfare freeloaders in this country who are bringing the nation down.  Ronald Reagan first went after them in 1980, and they continue to plague the government today.

You know them: they take money from the government with a sense of entitlement and give nothing back.  They do nothing productive; they don’t work.  They are a drain on the financial system of the U.S.

Here’s a brilliant article in on the most recent egregious offenders.  What I don’t understand is, almost 30 years after the Reagan Revolution, why do we still coddle these welfare cheats?!?  As a taxpayer, I am angry…and you should be too.


I don’t know who hates America more…

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First you have the McKooks, spreading their lies… really blatant lies, lies that are easy to fact-check on Google. There’s nothing subtle here. But the lies are already headed for the NYTimes bestseller list, because Americans are cognitively-impaired, and despite claims they’re worried about the issues, they just want dirt.

Then you have the Hillary nutjobs, trying for a coup in Denver. If they can’t get their candidate nominated they’re going to take down everyone else.  Fuck the country.

America is in terrible terrible danger, and it’s not from Al Qaeda or Iraq or Iran. It’s from within. Our “leaders” are the people who are destroying this country while rummaging through the cash drawer in the name of “patriotism.” It’s fanaticism and jingoism and xenophobia not seen since Germany in the 1920s-30s. And despite the explosion of information technology, we haven’t seen a less-educated populace…ever.