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"You thought I was defeated? Fat fucking chance."

Like a vaginal yeast infection, Sarah Palin is hard to get rid of.  We had hoped that Andy Warhol’s clock on her had started ticking when Johnny Mac flew out to the tundra and pulled her out of a block of ice and told her she was his ticket to reach the Hillary supporters and Bible-nuts, but no, apparently even after the Straight-Talk Express went straight back to Arizona, Sarah is staying around to soak in some limelight rays to tan that pasty skin and those pale lips.  Here’s a blog entry from the brilliant and beautifully-unconventional site Margaret & Helen, that beautifully describes just what’s so repulsive about her, and why we’d better hope her gun accidentally backfires and blows her jaw off before 2012–and let’s hope doctors don’t retrieve it and wire it shut, unless they plan to make such a move permanent.

Sarah, Rush, Ann, Sean and the rest of you IDIOTS who are pushing the U.S. quickly into Third World stature, I hope you all die—and soon.  Painfully would be nice too.  But we cant afford much more of you, we really can’t.  This isn’t funny anymore.  You’re destroying this country the way Nazi lunatic fanatics destroyed Germany in the 1930s and 40s, from beneath a bunker draped with a huge flag.


Questions of the week…

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Which one costs $150,000?

Does Saturday Night Live have to spend $150,000 to get Tina Fey to look like Sarah? And if not, why can’t Sarah do it for less, frugal hockey mom that she is?


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Sarah Palin’s Jeremiah Wright…

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I’m waiting for Ann Coulter’s column about him:

and there’s this…

Johnny Mac is sure keeping sweetpea in the loop…

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Palin questions McCain’s concession of Michigan

Sat Oct 4, 12:35 AM EDT

Sarah Palin questioned Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s decision to abandon efforts to win Michigan, a campaign move she only learned about Friday morning when she read it in the newspapers.

In an interview with Fox News Channel Friday, the Alaska governor said she was disappointed that the McCain campaign decided to stop competing in Michigan. In an indication that the vice presidential candidate had not been part of the decision, she said she had “read that this morning and I fired off a quick e-mail” questioning the move.*

Read the rest here.


*What’s that going to accomplish?  McCain can’t read email.

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot II

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Thursday night should be fun.

Sarah loves the natural beauty of Alaska…

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…When it’s hanging on the wall or around her neck.

No, this photo isn't doctored in any way. This is the bitch who's "one of us."